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The coolest coupon I’ve ever seen!

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Yesterday, as I was flipping through the Sunday paper, I stumbled on the coupon “ads”.  Normally I don’t look at these at all.  I mean, why would I?  There is never anything in them that I want or need.  This weekend alone there were coupons for various gluten filled foods, discounts at Denny’s, the Ab Circle (the treadmill for your abs!), a deluxe coupon organizer , a set of 3 geniune lambskin change purses and some Pepper Defense Spray (with a quickfire safety grip holster in 3 designer colors!)  Yeah…like I said, I’m good.

But wait!  As I turned one of the last pages, wondering what new ridiculous items I would see I saw a coupon I have never seen in this flyer - ever.  I stared at it and tried to think of a time when I’d seen a coupon for something like this and I couldn’t think of one…nothing…I asked Tammy if she remembered seeing one like this…she hadn’t either.  As a matter of fact, I’m still looking at it in awe even as I type this up.

The ad and coupon are for Cuties Seedless Clementines - $1 off a 5lb box and $0.55 off a 3lb bag!  Can you believe it??  An actual coupon for produce…fruit no less!  I was so impressed with this coupon, I checked out the website for Paramount Citrus (the parent company of Cuties).  They’ve got tons of information on their products, health information on various citrus fruits, games that kids can play and information on their products from grove to store (growing, harvesting, packing & shipping).

In this day and age, when kids are bombarded with ads from fast food places and we are seeing wacked out health claims on sugary cereals, it gives me a sense of hope when I see a coupon ad like this.  Everyone, and I mean every single person reading this, needs to visit the Cuties website, register with them (upper right hand corner of their mainpage), print out these coupons and go buy some!  These coupons expire 1/6/10, so hurry and get them before you get too busy with the holidays.

Do it for the kids.